Top Tips to Make Money with Matched Betting

I’ve been matched betting now for nearly 18 months. It has been my favourite side hustle and definitely my most profitable one. I have really enjoyed doing it this year and looking forward to carrying on and upping my profits even more.

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What is Matched Betting

Matched betting is using free bets from online bookmakers and making a tax free and risk free profit from them. The bookmakers want you as a new customer so they offer you free bets when you sign up. You basically just bet on each outcome of a result to qualify for free bets. This is where you will make your profit.

If you want to find out more about matched betting, a previous post of mine explains it in more detail.

Making Matched Betting Easy

There are lots of different matched betting sites out there that it can be confusing which one to choose and what will be the most helpful. I have tried a couple but the one I use is Profit Accumulator. I find this the most simple to understand, especially when I started out. It has step by step videos and guides to help you through the whole process. It is worth the subscription fee as you have access to all the reload offers and really simplifies the whole matched betting process.

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Top Tips from Successful Matched Bettors

When you begin your matched betting journey, it can feel quite daunting and you may be unsure of how to make a successful income from this. My top tip for matched betting would be to open up a separate bank account. It is so much easier to see what is going in and out of the account. This makes it a lot clearer to keep on top of your earnings.

I have gathered up some top tips from experienced matched bettors to help you get going and get the most out of matched betting.

Avoid withdrawing profits for as long as possible. Increasing your ‘bank’ means you’re able to complete more offers, and use higher odds which increases the profit per offer – Kaya from Earning by the Sea

Check and double check all bets before placing them, in particular to check that there is sufficient liquidity in the exchange to match the whole of your bet – Nick from Pounds and Sense

Always do the weekly offers to build a base income and avoid getting restricted by the bookies. Put the hours in. It may be harder in the beginning but how much you make depends on how much time you spend – Michael from Foxy Monkey

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