Top 5 Money Making Apps to Download Now

Everyone owns a smart phone now and we never go anywhere with it. With so many different apps available, there are lots that can help you earn extra money. I have listed my top 5 apps that I use on a daily basis and earn money from each of them.

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1. Eyes: On (Marketforce)

This is the app for Marketforce, the mystery shopping company. I have a previous post all about this company. Mystery shopping is one of my favourite side hustles as its good fun. This app makes writing the reports so much easier. You can do it all from your phone with easy access to the photos you took when out on the job. Having an app means I check it a lot more often. Every morning I open the app and see if any assignments are available, I then also check later in the day as sometime it updates later on.

2. ShopPrize UK

This app is a receipt snapping app. You earn coins for every receipt you take a photo of. Each receipt is worth 120 coins, you also get a daily coin bonus too. This bonus goes up to 60 coins a day if you open the app every day. I really like this app as the coins build up really quickly. Once you reach 10,000 coins you can exchange this for a £5 Amazon voucher. To find out more on this app, I wrote about it in my previous post, How to Earn Amazon Vouchers Online

3. Vypr

This is one of my favourite apps. It is so quick and easy. It involves answering yes or no to a variety of questions which are known as “steers”. The questions are normally asking if you would buy or eat certain products, whether you live in certain locations or your living arrangements. You just answer yes or no and get points for each one, When you reach 10,000 points you can exchange it for £5 cash which gets paid straight to your PayPal account. I have had a few payouts from this app and it takes up hardly any of my time.

4. Shoppix

This is another receipt snapping app. For each receipt you take a photo of you receive 25 tokens plus an extra 5 if you upload it straight away (time bonus). You will also be rewarded with scratchcards and you may win extra tokens from these. When you reach 3200 tokens you can cash out for a £5 Amazon voucher. The other vouchers options are iTunes and Love2Shop. You can also cash out with PayPal if you would rather have the money. If you haven’t used this before, you can use my referral code (7QFCISS0) and we both get an extra 200 tokens.

5. VoxPop Me

VoxPop Me is an app I have only recently found. It is different to other apps as you record videos in response to questions these ask. They ask for your opinion on a variety of different topics and you record your response. It only needs to be a 15 second video and you get 25p for each one that is accepted. Once you reach £10 you can cash out. I haven’t reached that yet as I have only just discovered the app. I find it super easy and being so quick means I can just film my response in between doing other things.

These are my top apps to make money from your phone. They all only take a few moments to check and they all add up to extra cash or vouchers in your bank.

Most of these and more can all be done on your lunch break at work, when the kids are having a nap or in the evening when you’re watching TV

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  1. Mike
    November 27, 2018 at 1:06 pm (5 months ago)

    Really useful advice and apps here. Enjoying reading all of your blog posts. Thanks for giving out so much great advice. My app tip is app that only gives you small amounts, but mostly they ask you one sentence questions every couple of days, and give you between 6p and 21p per question. It’s called Google Opinion Rewards, hope it helps some people.

    Thanks again,


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