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Money Making Mondays – Week 2

Welcome back to Money Making Mondays. Every Monday in August, I’m sharing with you a money making side hustle to try. Last week I covered decluttering, hopefully now you have a clearer home and have a few extra pounds in your pocket. This week is mystery shopping.

Money making mondays week 2


How to Make Money Mystery Shopping

There are many side hustles you can do online or working from home. I want to share with you my experiences of each one I try. Mystery shopping is one I wanted to try for a long time but something was holding me back, I wasn’t sure if they were just a scam or not! After lots of research, I signed up to a couple of companies and gave it a go. I want to share my experience with you, in case you are in the same position as I was and not sure whether to start of not

how to make money mystery shopping