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How I Plan to Make an Extra £500

I have been thinking a lot lately about redecorating my house. It has been about 7 years since it was last done and its starting to look like it needs a freshen up. Rather than just think, it will be too expensive and I can’t afford it, I decided to find ways to be able to afford it and make an extra £500.

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Money Making Mondays – Week 2

Welcome back to Money Making Mondays. Every Monday in August, I’m sharing with you a money making side hustle to try. Last week I covered decluttering, hopefully now you have a clearer home and have a few extra pounds in your pocket. This week is mystery shopping.

Money making mondays week 2


Money Making Mondays – Week 1

All through August, I plan to bring you money making ideas every Monday. The first day of the week, we should be full of motivation to make lots of money throughout the whole week. I will give you one idea each week, you can focus on this and see how much money you bring in by the end of the week.

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Daily Income Report – 15th May

I’ve set myself a challenge this month. I am aiming to make at least £10 a day, every single day in May. I’ll be trying to reach my target by doing different side hustles. I wanted to share my progress with you all and hopefully help you with your own money making targets.

daily income report