Sign up to Quidco today and Earn £5

Using cashback sites is such an easy way to make a little extra cash without any effort. If you do a lot of online shopping, you need to start using cashback sites to get a percentage of your spending back.

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There are a few cashback sites out there. The way they work is by searching for the retailer you want to visit and click on the link through their site. You will then be redirected and your spending will be tracked so they can then credit your account with a percentage of cashback. Each retailer offers a different rate of money back. It only takes seconds to go through one of these sites and if you do it for all your online purchases, your cashback will soon add up.

Once your purchases have been tracked, the cashback will show in your account, It can take a few weeks for this to process so it isn’t a quick earner but once processed you can withdraw the money to your account.

The main cashback site I use is Quidco. Whenever I purchase anything online, I always go via Quidco first. It takes no extra time and each bit of cashback soon adds up. The best payouts I have had have been for car and home insurance. They payout around £25 cashback. Which is great as it makes your insurance that little bit cheaper too.

Even when I order a takeaway from Just Eat. I go via Quidco and get the cashback on my Friday night treat!

There are so many retailers to shop with on Quidco. Whatever you want to purchase, you will find through Quidco. From holidays to mobile phone contracts and laptops to grocery shopping. It’s always worth checking first as you’ll definitly find what you are looking for.

If you like the sound of making free money, sign up to Quidco today and receive a FREE £5 once you have spent a fiver. Easy as that!

Let me know how you get on and enjoy making free money!

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