Reading with Kids – What We’ve Enjoyed this Week

Both my kids love reading and they always have. I want to keep this love of books and make sure we do lots of reading together. They have so many books, I’ve recently had a sort out and got rid of some of the books that are a bit too young for them now and replaced with a few new ones.

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To me, reading is very important, as a kid I loved to read and always had my head in a book. I want my kids to grow up the same and really enjoy reading. At the moment, I read with them but my daughter will me starting school in September and will start learning to read herself. I want to help her learn as much as I can and will do everything I can to do this. These have been our favourite books this week;

The Highway Rat

highway rat

This is the newest book we have been reading. We are big fans of Julia Donaldson and have read many of her other books. The kids enjoy listening to them and I really enjoy reading them. There are still a lot of her books we haven’t found yet so will be on the hunt for some more to try out.

First 100 Words

first words

My son is 22 months old and not really talking yet. He says a couple of words but that is it. I have been reading this book with him a lot lately just to help him learn different words for when he does start talking. My daughter also reads it to him, which is just adorable. I hear her telling him to say different words, he loves listening to her read to him and really looks up to her.

Disney Frozen – Magic of the Northern Lights on the Trail

disney frozen

My daughter is a big fan of Frozen at the moment, most days she is dressed up as either Elsa or Anna. So this book we read most days now, it’s quite a good story, quite long too so it’s a good book to read before bed to help relax them both.

The Cat in The Hat

cat in the hat

We’re all really in to the Dr Seuss books. My daughter even dressed up as The Cat in the Hat on World Book Day. This is probably the kids favourite book of the collection, we have read it so many times. We have also watched the film countless times recently! Even though they have both watched it so many times, it still keeps them engrossed for the whole film. All of the Dr Seuss books are really funny to read and some can be quite a mouthful. We have quite a few Dr Seuss books and they are all good fun.

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