Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget

Now it is October, Christmas is fast approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about your budget and what you can afford for Christmas gifts.

Staying within budget is always harder at Christmas as it is very tempting to go mad on spending and treating everyone to lovely gifts. Planning early will help spread out the cost. Make a list of everyone you buy for and from now on, when you spot a bargain, put it away ready for Christmas.

christmas gift ideas on a budget


30 Day eBay Challenge – The Results

So, the month of September saw me set myself an eBay challenge, listing 30 items over 30 days. I sorted out everything I needed to get rid of. Lots of old baby clothes that are no longer needed and were just taking up space. I also gathered up all my maternity clothes and old clothes that I just won’t wear again. Other than a chance to make extra cash, it was also good to declutter the wardrobe to give me extra space.



Saving Money with Cashback Apps

Do you like the sound of getting your shopping for free? Welcome to the world of cash back apps. I’ve only recently discovered these and in my first two weeks, I have managed to get over £30 worth of shopping for nothing. I think I’m a little bit hooked on them now!

saving money with cashback apps


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