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We’re off to Disneyland Paris next week. I can’t wait to take the kids away for a week and I just know they will love Disney. My daughter is the perfect age and is a big fan of everything Disney, especially all the princesses. Travelling with two young kids, ages 2 and 3, I need to be prepared and be able to entertain them on the journey.

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The kids and I are going on holiday with my parents. We are actually driving to Paris and travelling on the Eurotunnel Shuttle. The journey will take around 5-6 hours. My son, who has just turned two, will probably sleep 2-3 hours of that time. He takes after me and falls asleep in the car so easily! My daughter, she is three, is the complete opposite. I doubt she will sleep at all and will probably chat for most of the six hours! No napping for me that means. So I need to be organised and have things that will keep her entertained and happy for the journey.


The best thing to keep my two quiet is food! So I am taking plenty of snacks with me to spread out over the journey. I’m sticking with food that won’t get too messy so chocolate is out! Luckily, both my kids like fairly healthy snacks so I have packed boxes of raisins, fruit bars, mini breadsticks, I’ve even thrown in a box of rusks! You’re never to old to snack on a rusk!

When we are away, I will make sure I stock up on snacks at a local supermarket ready for the journey home too.


At the moment, my son loves figures and cars. He is always holding 5-6 at one time. I have picked a selection to keep in my bag so he can play with them on the journey. My daughter is in to dolls so I have packed two barbie dolls. Most of her dolls are a lot bigger but these two fit nicely in the bag. I have also packed a couple of small books for them both to look at. They love books so these should keep them quiet for a little while. My daughter loves colouring but thought it would be hard to colour in a colouring book in the car as she wouldn’t have anything to lean on. Instead, I picked up a clip board for £1 and printed off lots of colouring pages at home. She can work her way through them all and lean on the clip board too.


I think the best way to keep them both quiet for as long as possible is to let them watch a film. We have portable DVD players that attach to the back of the seat in front. I have packed two films for them to watch, even if they only watch one that will be nearly two hours of the car journey. The one they don’t watch can be saved for the journey home.

I have also been looking for some suitable apps for my daughter to play on. I’m not a huge fan of screen time at the moment as I think they are both too young but on this occasion I may just give in if I need to. I have downloaded a couple of apps for my daughter to play on if she gets bored with everything else. But this will be a last resort as I don’t want to use all my data on one journey!

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