Money Mondays – Top 5 Tips to Save Money Booking Flights Online

Each week, I will bring you a new guest post in the series “Money Mondays”. Today’s post is by Will from Great Deals Made Easy. With five tops tips to save money booking flights online.

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Before booking your package deal abroad with a travel agent, it really is worth spending 5 minutes researching online to see if you can book your own cheap flight and save money.

Here are 5 top tips to save money on flights:

  1. Compare flights online to pick up the best deals – If you know when and where you want to go, then don’t go direct to an airline. Use a price comparison site to get the best deal very quickly. is my favourite – the site searches over 1,200 airlines and travel sites in total with budget flights being very popular on the site.
  2. Book off-peak flights if you can – Sometimes it is impossible to avoid school holidays, but if you can, you should. Outside school holidays, research has shown Tuesdays and evenings (after 6pm) are generally the cheapest time to fly, while Saturdays are the most expensive. If you have some flexibility, play around with arrival and departure flight days and times, to save even more.
  3. Be careful of extra airline costs – Need extra leg room? Want to book an exact seat? Want to bring a big suitcase? Low cost airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair will charge a hefty sum for these additions. Sometime it is worth paying an extra £20 to fly with a more premium airline and you can then enjoy a complimentary drink and avoid a “night bus with wings” journey.
  4. Look at the cost and time to get to the airport – Sometimes the extra cost and time to get to an airport negates the saving. Before committing to a flight, review airport parking charges or train prices on For example, if you live in central London, it is actually easier and cheaper to get a train to London City airport, then going to London Luton or London Stansted.
  5. Beware of the time of your flight landing and taking off – Most major cities don’t have 24/7 public transport, 7 days a week. Be careful when booking early flights for 7am (2 hours check in before, would mean a 5am arrival) or late arrivals past 12am, as you are likely to need to rely on a taxi/uber service to get you to and from home.

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