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Each week, I will bring you a new guest post in the series “Money Mondays”. Today’s post is written by Ruth from Craft with Cartwright sharing her tips on how to sell on Redbubble.

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I must admit I have a passion for all kinds of passive income. I use a variety of streams alongside blogging and teaching to boost my income.

One of my favourite sources is selling my design work on Redbubble. If you haven’t heard of Redbubble before it is one of the biggest Print on demand sites currently out there. You can create your own store and upload your designs for free. When someone likes your design, they can choose to have it printed on a whole variety of products from postcards to duvet covers. You then get a percentage of the product price. What I like about Redbubble is there are no upfront fees and because it’s all digital it costs me nothing to produce the designs apart from my time. Once they are uploaded they can sell endlessly. You don’t even have to be a designer, you can upload your photos or produce artwork with software such as picmonkey.

These would be my top tips for getting your work seen and more importantly purchased in Redbubble.

1. Fill in all your store info

This may seem really obvious but some people don’t. Once you have set up a store, you have got to get people interested in you and your brand. Tell them what makes your work special, tell them where else they could see your work, tell them your skills and promote yourself!

2. Link all your social media

Redbubble makes it easy for you to link up your blog, Facebook page, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest sites. If you haven’t already done this, then do. People love to see more of your workspace, work in progress, sketchbooks and pictures of your cat!

3. Embed the portfolio code in your blog

If you have a blog it’s easy to add your portfolio to it. You can find it in your account settings – promote – embed code.

4. Join the Redbubble groups

A great way to connect with fellow artists that share similar passions. There is literally something for everyone.

5. Enter challenges

Stuck in a designing rut? Haven’t had any views on your shop recently. Try the challenges. It’ll inspire you to create new work, look back at old work and have fun. I often join in challenges, they keep me buzzed about my work, make me design things I wouldn’t normally and there is nothing better than getting your work featured

6. Join the Facebook group

Like I’ve said, it’s all about community. You can see other people’s work, be inspired and meet great designers and artists.

7. Make use of the Share it buttons

Put something new on Redbubble? Make sure you share it with your audience on google+, Facebook and twitter. Likewise if you have got some seasonal designs in your back catalogue, make sure you are sharing them in the run up to Easter, Christmas etc.

8. Join in Redbubble create competitions

I follow redbubblecreate on Instagram and I love joining in on the fun themes and competitions they run. It’s a bit of fun and gets you seen by a wider audience.

9. Spread the love, got other artists you love?

Why not tell your fans about them, like and comment on peoples work, who you genuinely love and hopefully them might send some love your way.

10. Finally, add new designs regularly

Keep your portfolio up to date with your most recent work. It means people will want to come back and take a look at what’s new and encourages you to keep working. Your work will only get better. Occasionally take a look back through your portfolio too and review it. Is it all good? If there is work there that doesn’t best represent you don’t be afraid to delete it. You might also find some hidden gems you forgot about and you can remind the world how great they are!

So far I have loved my experience of selling on Redbubble. It’s so exciting when I get a notification of a sale and it’s a wonderful thought to think someone out there is sleeping under a duvet I designed!

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