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Each week, I will bring you a new guest post in the series “Money Mondays”. Today’s post is by Charli from One Wage Family. Charli is sharing her tips on how to host a kids party on a budget.

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It’s coming up to your kids birthday again and they ask for a party. You might then panic a little especially if you think about all the costs associated with a party. Kids parties can be expensive (and sometimes competitive!) things although luckily there are options to suit everyone. Here are some ideas on how to do a kids party on a budget;

Party location and types of parties

The most important decision to make when it comes to kids parties is where it will be held. Usually Children’s party’s will fall into one of two types; The type of party which is held at some sort of entertainment venue and you pay per child. Or the type that you hold yourself, usually at home or a space you have rented and you sort out and pay for your own food, entertainment etc.

How do you decide what kind of party to do and which will work out cheapest? Firstly you need to think about numbers. Venues that do parties (e.g soft play) normally charge per child then obviously that can get pretty expensive for a lot of children! Of course with these kind of parties then the price of keeping the kids entertained, the venue, food and drinks are all included in the price so normally all you need to provide is the cake. Also many parents prefer this option as it usually less stressful as the staff manage the party for you and there’s no preparations to be made.

It’s a good idea to write down what you would need to pay for and how much everything costs to help decide what kind of party would work better. Typically if you want to invite around 15 or less then this kind of pay per head party can work out cheaper.

If you are going with this option then I recommend looking at Groupon to see if there are any party offers near you. I often see offers for soft play, trampolining and other types of parties which give you a discount and is usually a total fee for a set number of children. Sometimes these type of Groupon deals have conditions such as only being available at a certain time so it is important to check the details. Some places also charge less if you hold your party during the week so this could also be an option if you can get a time slot after school hours.

If you are likely to have a large amount of children, perhaps you are doing a whole class party, then organising and hosting it yourself can work out cheapest. Village Halls and Community Centres are a good place to hold a kids party as they usually charge a low hourly rate. The only thing to consider about this type of party is paying for everything else although there are ways to do it on the cheap!


When hosting your own kids party you will normally need to provide some sort of entertainment. You may be able to get away with just music and balloons especially for younger kids. You could provide your own music and have a ‘disco’! There are lots of free games you can work into a disco party such as a dancing competition, musical statues, musical bumps with a small prize for the winner. Just chuck a load of balloons onto the dance floor and you will probably find they can entertain themselves for ages! All kids love party games and thankfully they cost very little or even nothing to do so games can be a way to keep the kids amused.

Paid entertainers like magicians and the like are normally expensive but another entertainment option is a bouncy castle! What child doesn’t like a bouncy castle?! They don’t cost a lot to hire too so perfect for a budget birthday party.

Party decorations and party bag fillers

You really don’t need to spend much on party decorations, usually just balloons will suffice which barely cost anything! Additionally you might need things such as table cloths, paper cups and plates but all these things can be picked up for little money. Pound Shops are good for party supplies as is Amazon which has a great selection of stuff for parties, particularly party bag fillers.

To keep party bags cheap then the best low cost but popular items are usually things like sweets, balloons, bubbles and bouncy balls.


You don’t need to get too worried about party food as most kids barely eat anything at parties as they are too distracted and excited! The cheapest way to cater for a kids party is usually by making your own sandwiches (two or three types of filling enough, one vegetarian) along with things like crisps and biscuits, you really don’t need to have a lot of choice. Look for offers on in the supermarkets and consider value ranges to keep costs down.

When it comes to the cake then the best budget option is to either make it yourself (Pinterest is good for easy recipes and ideas) or buy one from a supermarket. If you are feeling brave then you could wait until the evening before the party and look for birthday cakes that have been heavily marked down! There often appears to be birthday cakes reduced although this could be a risky option if there isn’t!

So there you go, kids parties really don’t have to be expensive. Luckily there are so many ways to throw an awesome kids party on a budget!

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