Money Mondays – 6 Ways To Save Some Cash Right Now

Each week, I will bring you a new guest post in the series “Money Mondays”. Today’s post is written by Joe the Thrifty Chap He is sharing ways to save cash right now.

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They say that money makes the world go round, but what if you want to stop the world spinning for a while and just keep hold of some of your cash? Here are six ways to save some, right now!

1. Leave your cards at home

If you don’t have the money with you, you obviously can’t spend it. With contactless making it even easier to buy things here and there, which all add up, carrying your credit or debit card round allows you to spend, even if you said you weren’t going to when you left the house. If you need to go to the shop for bread and milk, take the exact change you need with you and you won’t be tempted by in-store offers or a chocolate bar at the checkout.

2. Hold on

If you’re about to make a big scale purchase – for example, a new TV – get the shop to put it on hold for you. Reserving it until closing time the following day gives you space to think about it. I know you may have driven to the store and if you decide to return you’ll have to pay for fuel to get there but giving yourself that time to mull things over turns it from an impulse purchase, into a well thought out one. In this example, you’ll probably think about it whilst you watch something on TV that evening and realise you don’t need a new one. You could save that money or use it elsewhere.

3. Team up

If you want to save for something specific, sharing your goals with friends and family can often make things easier. Having motivation from others can help in all parts of life, including saving money. They can call you out on it if they see you being tempted by a potential purchase or remind you to transfer that £50 into your savings account every month.

4. Quench your thirst

Take a bottle of tap water with you instead of buying an expensive one from the shops. Make a flask of coffee which will see you through the day instead of going to the shop for a £3 latte. If you insist on your buying your daily caffeine fix, most places give you a discount if you take a reusable cup, which is ideal if you have regular work meetings at the coffee shop.

5. Price check, there & then

We’ve pretty much all got the internet in our pockets. If we’re out and about as a family and one of us finds something we’d like, I usually get my phone out and check online to see if we can find it cheaper. Sometimes the instore price beats everything online hands down, especially if there’s a sale. However you can sometimes find a much cheaper price if you order online, even with delivery costs. Take online vouchers or cashback into consideration when you’re looking too. If it is cheaper instore, go back to point 2.

6. Switch your bank

Banks are businesses and they want you as a customer. We’ve all seen tempting offers from them to lure you in, but really, why wouldn’t you switch if you were paid to do so? Everything is taken care of and transferred over easily including direct debits. You might even get access to a better savings account. Do your homework, at the moment you can get up to £200 to switch, which is a great cash injection to that savings account.

Feel free to share these tips with those that you thought of when you read point number 3. I hope these six tips will help you on the road to great savings.

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