How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea! Want to know how to make the perfect cuppa? Here’s my vision of the perfect cup…

how to make the perfect cup of tea

Clean the pot. Make sure it is clean every time you use it, you don’t want the remains of old tea in your new fresh cup.

Choose the right teabag! This is the most important one, find the right flavour for you and stick to it. There are many brands around but my favourite is Twinings

Don’t rush, let the tea bag brew for a little while to allow the flavour to truly develop.

Using a cup. If, like most of us nowadays, you are brewing your tea straight in to the cup rather than a teapot, don’t use a spoon to squeeze out the flavour. Allow the tea bag to brew in the cup just like you would a teapot. People say you should allow it to brew for 3 minutes to get the best flavour.

Now add the milk and sugar to your preference. NEVER before. Milk should always be added after the teabag has been removed from the cup or the tea poured from the pot.

Put your feet up! Now you have made your perfect cup of tea, it is a great excuse to sit down and relax for 10 minutes.

Finally, don’t forget about your tea! How many of us have made the perfect cup and then forgotten about it until it is too late??

Are you fan of a good cup of tea or do you prefer other hot drinks?

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