Money Mondays – My 3 Favourite Apps that Help me Save Money

Each week, I will bring you a new guest post in the series “Money Mondays”. Today’s post is by Eliza from My Everything Beautiful. Eliza is sharing her favourite apps that can help you save money.

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Since I got married, I have been on a hunt for apps and tips on how to save money or how to get as much stuff for free. I wasn’t like this at all (or maybe I was a little bit), but since then I thought that my husband works very hard each day so I should not take advantage and spend everything he earns. It’s fine if I work and spend everything, but couldn’t do this to him. There are loads of things that I do and I even have an article on my blog about how to get free stuff, but I’ll only list my 3 favourite phone apps for this article.

O2 Priority / Wuntu

O2 Priority is for people that have an O2 sim card, and Wuntu is for Three’s customers.

They have so many offers and I absolutely love them. When I had O2 priority I used to get free Caffe Nero hot chocolate every Tuesday and eat at Pizza Express every week for only £5 each, which was awesome because me and my husband love eating out (although we had to cut it down now to one meal out per month, to save money of course).

Now I have Wuntu on my phone because I have a Three sim card. They offer meals for £5 each at various restaurants such as Bella Italia and Café Rouge, plus many other offers. I love these apps. Whoever came up with the idea, THANK YOU!

Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart was the very first app that I had downloaded on my phone and it gives cash back to so many products. It also has products that you can try for free, as long as you upload a picture of the receipt on the app. I have tried various types of baby food and formula, they also had popcorn, or sausages, chocolate, etc. Although you can transfer the money to your bank account whenever you want, I prefer to wait until I have £20 on the app otherwise they will keep a percentage of the sum.


This app is called FreePrints and it does exactly what it says: it gives you up to 45 free photo prints every single month.

free prints

I am a photographer so I take loads of pictures of my children. My laptop has probably got more than 100,000 pictures by now and I have always wanted to print them all because I lost all of my pictures twice before. You can’t even imagine how sad it is to lose all your memories. They were all in my laptop and when it broke down, I couldn’t save anything. Therefore, I think the best solution is to print all of them but imagine how much it would cost me to print so many? That’s why I’m so excited about this app and the best thing, you can print pictures from your phone, Instagram or Facebook, even from your Dropbox account (I use Dropbox a lot too!).

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