How to Entertain Kids in Half Term on a Budget

Half term is next week and you’re probably racking your brains trying to thing of ideas to keep the kids entertained and happy without breaking the bank! I’ve come up with a list of ideas that will make sure the kids have lots of fun all week and won’t cost you too much money.

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Sometimes it can be hard to think of ideas to keep the kids entertained. I like to have a mix of things to do indoors and also fun things to do out and about. Hopefully these ideas will help you and make sure the kids have lots of fun whilst they are off school.

Winter walks –

Get out in the fresh air, jump in puddles, run around in the fields and let the kids use up lots of energy.

Craft day –

Gather up all your craft essentials at home, rummage through the recycling and make some art masterpieces with the kids. Really watch their imaginations go wild.

Visit a museum –

Museums can make a good day out, whether you go to one of the big museums in London or a smaller local museum. They are all free and can be really educational for the kids too.

Go to the park –

I know it is still cold at the moment and it will probably rain at some point over half term, but we’re likely to have at least a couple of dry days so make the most of it. Wrap up warm and take the kids to the local park. If the sun is shining, you could also take a picnic and spend a few hours outside.

Head to the beach –

If you’re lucky enough to live near the seaside, venture out to the beach for an afternoon. Make sandcastles in the sand, take a kite to fly, play on the 2p machines in the arcades and take in all the sea air.

Make a pizza –

Get the kids to design their own pizzas, you could even make it in to a competition with a prize for the winner. Then enjoy a pizza night in watching your favourite films.

A few ideas there to keep the kids happy and lots of memories to be made. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

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