How to Earn Amazon Vouchers Online

This year I have decided to save up as many Amazon vouchers as possible. My aim is to do as much of my Christmas shopping as I can with these vouchers that I have earned online. I started 2018 with a £5 voucher in my account and I hope to build this up to decent amount so I can buy lots of presents towards the end of the year. I am going to set myself a target of earning £120 in Amazon vouchers. That’s only £10 a month so I think this should be quite easy.

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There are surprisingly, so many ways you can earn gift vouchers online. Most sites that offer vouchers as payment have a few different retailers to choose from. My favourite is Amazon as you can buy anything from there. It’s also a great place for buying birthday and Christmas presents throughout the year.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a website for online surveys. I have spoken about these before and it’s an easy way to earn vouchers. I normally do surveys if I’m watching TV as they don’t take up a lot of time and I can just put my feet up at the same time. Valued Opinions have a large selection of vouchers you can choose from, one of these is a £15 Amazon voucher. I always choose this one and just add it to my Amazon account and let it build up.


Shoppix is an app you download and take photos of all your receipts. For each receipt you snap, you receive 25 tokens plus an extra 5 if you upload it straight away (time bonus). You will also be rewarded with scratchcards and you may win extra tokens from these. I have had some where I have won 100 tokens on so these help boost your total. When you reach 3200 tokens you can cash out for a £5 Amazon voucher. The other vouchers options are iTunes and Love2Shop. You can also cash out with PayPal if you would rather have the money. If you haven’t used this before, you can use my referral code (7QFCISS0) and we both get an extra 200 tokens.


InstaGC is a website I have only recently found out about. You earn points from carrying out various tasks, the main one being watching videos. You can then transfer these points for gift cards. They have a large selection to choose from and the best thing about this site is you can cash out from as little as £1. I like this site because it takes no effort at all, especially if you only watch the videos. You can also use InstaGC to search the web and play games.


This is another app you can download to your phone. It has quickly become one of my favourite apps. You take photos of your receipts and for each one you receive 120 coins. Once you reach 10,000 coins you can exchange these for a £5 Amazon voucher. I know 10,000 coins seems like a crazy amount but it doesn’t take too long to reach it. If you open the app every day you also get bonus coins, these build up after a few days until you reach 60 coins. Then you receive 60 coins every day you open the app. I make a point of doing this every morning as these coins will help boost your target and help you reach 10,000 a lot quicker.

ShopPrize also has prizes you can win by entering sweepstakes. Each prize costs a different amount of coins and you stand a chance to win that prize. This is fun but I would rather build up my coins and transfer them for an Amazon voucher to help reach my own target of £120 by the end of the year.

By using all of these apps and website daily, I hope to be able to reach my target fairly easily. None of them take up much of my time so its a very low effort way of earning vouchers. If you know of any other ways to earn Amazon vouchers online, share them in the comments below and I’ll check them out.

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