Don’t Be Broke By The End Of Summer


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As fun as the summer months are (and they are without a shadow of a doubt the most fun-filled times of the year), they do have a teeny-tiny, often overlooked caveat that reads, “caution: too much fun can leave you more broke than a seaside donkey”. And it’s true.

Keeping the kids entertained with tri-weekly trips to the water park, cinema and the go-karting centre is expensive. Saying yes to every invitation to a rooftop brunch and boozy park picnic will start to zap your bank balance. And getting caught up in the very human thing of trying to make the most of every day will eventually catch you out, leaving you with that gut-wrenched feeling of, “how will I pay for groceries for the next six months?”

We’re not saying you will definitely feel the pinch toward the end of the summer, or that you are super-irresponsible with your cash. Not by any means. But if you are, or you know you could wind up like this, and want to end the summer with a clean slate instead of big debts, we’ve pulled together some suggestions for you. Enjoy.

  1. Piggy Banks Are Perfect

Yup. The piggy bank is about as old school as anything can get. But it’s still one of the best ways to save up for something instead of just going on impulse and swapping out sense for instant gratification. You could get into the habit of putting all your loose change and bills under $5 in there, or you might commit to putting in $2.50 a day. Every little helps.

  1. Limit Your Cards To One

We’re talking about credit cards and when we say limit yourself to one, we mean one max. Why? Because the more credit cards you have in your purse the more temptation you’ll have to navigate and that’s the one thing we can’t resist. We can’t resist temptation so, chances are, you’ll end up carrying a larger balance, start taking on unwanted debt and end up in a bit of financial bother, shall we say.

  1. Don’t Settle On Your Own

If you’ve got debts – and most Americans do – but don’t know how you’re going to settle them, the best thing you can do is have someone reliable do this for you. Just look at these National Debt Relief complaints, There are none for a reason. That’s because they know how to make creditors agree to a settlement. They talk to your creditors, negotiate with them, and find a way to settle the debt. It’s something complex made simple. Stress and all.

  1. Start With The Highest

The only reason you should use a credit card is that you have the means and the grit to pay off your credit card bills and balance in full at the end of each month. If, however, you’re struggling to do this because you have a few, make sure you focus on the one with the highest interest rate first and, please, make sure you pay more than the minimum otherwise you’ll be stuck with debt for eternity. It’s how these suckers are geared up.

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