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Christmas is well and truly on the horizon, meaning all thrifty mum’s across the land will be looking for cost cutting tips to cope with the financial strain that Christmas tends to incur. The interesting thing about Christmas, is that the commercialisation has resulted in what was once a much simpler time of togetherness and family fun being something almost competitive in terms of keeping up with the Jones’ with regards to what Christmas presents your children have, the size and category of your Turkey, and even the luxuriousness of your Christmas crackers.

This Christmas consumerism is clearly fuelled by retailers looking to cash in on the opportunity, as even now, in the month of October we are finding supermarkets shelves stacked high with Christmas food and snacks!

In truth, what really matters at Christmas is that you are around those you love and have a fun time.  The cost of Christmas can be crippling to many families, and if you’re feeling the financial pressure building in the back of your mind, this article is here to help you have a great Christmas whilst cutting down on costs.


Whilst you’re likely to purchase at least a few gifts for people, there’s nothing wrong with creating your own gifts – as this personal touch can mean more to people than the fact you went out and purchased an expensive gift; after all, consider how long it takes to make a homemade bath bomb or bottle of sloe gin versus going to the supermarket and handing over your credit card!

It’s incredible how much money is spent on wrapping paper, ribbons and other paraphernalia relating to the presentation of Christmas presents.  In the Christmas special of Gavin & Stacey, one of the characters wraps up the presents in tin foil, which is actually the most hassle free way to wrap a gift, yet most people appreciate a higher level of finesse.

In this vein, you can buy glue guns for crafts and art in order to make your own decorations to add a creative touch to your gifts.  This is particularly appreciated with older adults, as the presentation seems to mean more to them than with kids, as let’s face it, kids just want to tear through the paper to get to what’s inside.


In the coming weeks supermarkets will have several promotions that will rotate throughout the festive season.  If you have a freezer and something is on offer, or even reduced, that will be perfect for Christmas time, then buy it now and put it in the freezer.  This way, you’re snapping up all the best deals whilst stocking up a supply of festive treats so that when it comes to Christmas it isn’t such as harsh shock to your purse or wallet.

Finding out when your local Marks & Spencers reduce their food items is a good idea, as this way, you can get premium quality food at a significantly reduced price.  Indeed, of all the supermarkets, M&S seem to discount their food the most heavily – particularly on a Sunday at around 3pm.
The alternative to cost cutting, of course, is to look at ways to make extra money to fund the luxurious Christmas you crave.

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