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30 Day eBay Challenge – The Results

So, the month of September saw me set myself an eBay challenge, listing 30 items over 30 days. I sorted out everything I needed to get rid of. Lots of old baby clothes that are no longer needed and were just taking up space. I also gathered up all my maternity clothes and old clothes that I just won’t wear again. Other than a chance to make extra cash, it was also good to declutter the wardrobe to give me extra space.



30 Day eBay Challenge

August has been a month of clearing out the house and lots of decluttering. I’ve thrown out lots of bits and bobs and taken a couple of bags to the charity shop. I’m still left with lots of clothes, mainly maternity and baby bits. I have decided to set myself a challenge for September and get them all listed (and hopefully sold) on eBay.

30 day ebay challenge

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