April – Monthly Round Up

Where has April gone?! I can’t believe we are in to May already. This year is flying by. We are heading off on our summer holiday next month but it still feels like it was Christmas just five minutes ago. Here’s what has been happening in April…

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This month I have really got back in to blogging. I had lost focus for a few weeks before but have got back in to it now and really enjoying it. I have lots of ideas and plans for the coming months so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it too.

Family Fun

Two weeks of April were the Easter holidays. My daughter is at nursery and goes every afternoon so it was nice to have her home for two weeks and get out and about. We went to a Madhatters Tea Party which was organised by a local theatre group. It was similar to what a kids birthday party would be like. The kids loved it, they played lots of games, had lunch and lots of fun with the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland and The Queen of Hearts. It was the first time I’d seen something like this organised, so will be keeping an eye out for more in future. It was only £6 each which was a real bargain especially with all the fun they had.

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We also went out for the day to the Sealife Centre. We went there in the second week of the holidays, it rained quite a lot so this was ideal as its indoors. I hadn’t been to the Sealife Centre for years and it was a good day out. We saw lots of sea creatures and both kids were fascinated with it all, especially seeing the sharks. When we had finished here, we had a nice walk along the beach, throwing stones in the sea and just enjoying being out in the fresh air. It was quite a cold day but it didn’t rain so was nice being out and about.

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We also had a few days in ,doing crafts, making cakes and just chilling out watching films. It was a lovely two weeks and I didn’t want my daughter to go back to nursery! I think I will be a bit of a mess when she starts school full time in September!

Side Hustles

April was a good month for side hustles. I managed to earn a decent amount of extra income from these.

Mystery shopping – I mainly use Marketforce to find mystery shopping assignments. I’m quite lucky as there are quite often lots of jobs available in my area. This month I managed to have lunch out at five different restaurants all for free. And got paid to do it too. I really love mystery shopping, I’ve been doing it for around two years now and have got a lot of free lunches from it. For more details on how to get started doing this, read my previous post which should help you out.

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Matched betting – This is one of my favourite side hustles. I’ve been doing it for just over a year now. I’ve been putting a lot of effort in to it the last couple of months and my income has really increased. March saw my highest profits I’d ever made which was really motivating to keep up the effort. I try and just do an hour a day once I have put the kids to bed.

Everything else

I set a few goals at the beginning of the year, nothing major but just a few simple ones to get back me time. One of these was to get back in to exercise. I joined a gym a couple of months ago and have been making sure I go twice a week. I’ve kept this up most of the time. Especially in April, I managed to go 2-3 times each week, it has made me feel quite fit and healthy and I’ve really enjoyed it too. It’s just an hour of me time where I can switch off from everything.

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