How To Afford Your Dream Vacation


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Going on our dream holiday is the highlight of the summer for most of us. Whether it’s jetting off to drink cocktails on a pristine beach, or exploring a vibrant city, trying out new water sports or exploring historical sites, with friends or family or even flying solo, we all have a vision of what those perfect couple of weeks out of the daily grind should be. But when it comes to how to finance that dream vacation, we may not be so sure. How do you afford that dream holiday? A quick glance at may be enough to convince you that, no matter how bad you want that break, you shouldn’t get into debt for it. So how do you find the extra money?

Book Your Break Early

In order to secure the best deal, you need to look ahead. Especially when it comes to finding the cheapest flights to your destination, some airlines price on demand – so as the plane fills up, so the ticket price rises. Use a service like Skyscanner to find the best prices and get in there early, and you could be set to save hundreds of pounds. The same can also be true with packaged holidays – the more availability, the more you can potentially save.

Give Yourself Savings Motivation

Saving up for something that is a year or more ways can be really hard for a lot of people – it’s far from the instant gratification we’ve come to expect. So find ways to motivate yourself – from creating a holiday countdown calendar to printing out pictures of your dream destination and pinning them up around your home. Stay focused on why you are saving.

Create a Spending Diary

Often it can be the little expenses that mount up and account for where our money disappears to each month. That new top or a takeaway every weekend may well seem like pocket change compared to what you need to save, but they soon add up. To combat this, keep a log of what you are spending in a notebook, or sign up to a money management app. After a few weeks, take the time to analyse the transactions – you might be surprised to see where your money is really going! Focus on cutting out those small, unnecessary expenses and channel that money into your holiday fund instead.

Look For Deals On Accommodation

If your dream break is still not adding up in terms of the numbers, consider what the most important aspect is for you. Is it the location and sightseeing? If so, could you compromise on the accommodation? If five star hotels are breaking the budget, could you look at a small apartment on AirBnb or even a hostel to cut costs? If you’re after an all-inclusive hotel break, could you compromise on a nicer hotel in a cheaper location? Decide what is important to you and what you may be able to change in order to make savings and still get your dream holiday

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