5 Baby Essentials when on a Budget

Becoming a first time parent can be quite a daunting thought, worrying about everything you will need to buy and what the new baby will need. The media and companies lead us to believe that our little bundles of joy need a lot more than they actually do. In reality we only need a few baby essentials.

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What baby essentials do you actually need?

Babies actually don’t need very much at all. I only realised this when I ended up with a load of stuff I hardly ever used but thought we needed. For me, the biggest waste of money was a baby monitor, I really thought we needed it but once my baby was here, I realised I could hear her cry from all over the house and didn’t need a monitor to tell me she was crying!

Before you rush out and buy everything, ask family and friends if they have things you could borrow, sometimes you only need things for a few months so could borrow rather than pay for a new item.

  1. Nappies.

    This is an essential we all know babies need. Shop around for offers and find the best deals. Supermarket on brand nappies all have good reviews with Aldi Mamia range winning awards. I have tried most nappies with my two and found that Aldi were the best and were the least likely to leak.

  2. Something to wear

    Obviously babies need to be clothed but they don’t need loads of outfits. A few baby grows and vests, enough to have spares if some are in the wash but not so many that they have a different outfit every day for a month. Babies grow so fast that they will grow out of things sooner that you realise. Remember friends and family tend to gift clothing as well so you could end up with a mountain of clothes. A blanket is also needed and a hat and gloves if its winter.

  3. Somewhere to sleep

    Where will your baby sleep? Eventually they will end up in a cot, most people choose to put their baby in a moses basket first but this isn’t essential. If you can get a cot close to your bed they could sleep in there straight away. If you decide to get a moses basket, this is something you could borrow from a friend as you will only need it for a few months. You may still decide to buy, if so, there are so many really expensive baskets but you can get them decent priced too. This one on Amazon is so cute and just under £25 is a bargain with the mattress included.

  4. Travel

    How will you travel around with the baby? Most people nowadays have a car, so you will need a car seat. The hospital won’t let you go home by car unless they see that you have one fitted. It is also ideal to have a pushchair for when you are out and about. You can buy travel systems which the car seat can be attached to the pram. This is ideal for newborns as you don’t have to wake them up getting them out of the car. We had the Chicco Urban Duo which was brilliant. The carry cot was good for the newborn stage and then it converts to a pushchair as your baby grows. We were lucky to get ours in the sale as it can be quite expensive so definitely shop around first to find the best deal.

  5. Feeding

    Of course babies need to be fed. The cheapest and easiest way to feed a baby is breastfeeding, it won’t cost you a penny. But if this isn’t for you and you choose to bottle feed then make sure you only buy what you need. Find the best products around and look for special offers. Bottle warmers are not an essential item. Formula milk should be made up fresh each time you need it so it will still be warm.

These are the 5 baby essentials that we really need when our bundle of joy arrives. You can find more tips on baby essentials here. Everything else we can make do without or wait until the baby arrives. If you realise you need something else, make the purchase when the baby is here so you know it isn’t wasted. What baby essentials did you find you needed?

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