4 Smart Ways To Get Your Little One Ready To Start School

I think it’s the parents that have the worst first day of school nerves, not the kids! After all, it’s a time when everything is changing, and the little one that you have cared for and nurtured for so long is starting to strike out on their own. Of course, as parents, we always try our hardest not let such nerves show, and to prepare our children for their new role as a pupil as best as we can. Something that you can find out more about in the post below.

Get them into a routine.

One thing that can help prepare your child for going to school is to get them into a regular routine beforehand. Yes, I know that this is easier said than done, but it is worth the short-term pain for the long-term gain that is on offer here.

In fact, if you can get your little one used to getting up regularly, getting dressed, and having a nutritious, quick breakfast you can help them to concentrate to the best of their ability while at school, as well as make the whole transition a lot easier.

Take them out and about.

Next, it’s important to include plenty of days out, trips, and socialising with other children in your little one’s schedule before they attend school on a full-time basis.

After all, they will need to know how to behave and take instruction in the outside world, in case they go on any school trips, and getting them as much contact with other children can help to socialise them. Something will mean making friends is so much more straightforward when it does come time for them to go to school.

Encourage them to dress themselves.

Don’t forget either that encouraging your little ones to have a go at dressing themselves is a fantastic way of cutting down some of the starting school stress.

The reason being that if they can have a go at this at their own, it will get them into good habits for when they get older, and free up some of your time in the morning so that you can make breakfast.

Make learning fun.

If you speak to anyone that teaches professionally for a living and ask them what their secret to holding the attention of a class of is 30, they will always in some form or another tell you it’s making learning fun.

Remember if you make a task fun, the kids will be much more motivated to do it, and they will remember that it was enjoyable and be therefore will be encouraged to try it the next time too. In fact, this is something that you can do at home as well with their reading, and other types of learning to help them see educational experiences in a favourable light.

Making learning fun is important to prepare your child for school.


There are plenty of resources on the market to help you with this too, such as video games, tabletop games, worksheets, books, and even websites like the one here. All of which can assist you in getting them prepared to and in the best frame of mind for, when they start school.


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