Reverse Advent Calendar – Donating to your Local Food Bank

This year, I’ve found out about something known as the reverse advent calendar. This means putting something in to a box every day during advent. This box will then be donated to the food bank to help out those who need it.

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Christmas is fast approaching, its already November and before we know it the festive season will be upon us. With so many people preparing for the Christmas celebrations, there are so many who won’t be able to afford to treat their loved ones this year, so many are homeless or unemployed and worrying about how to feed their families

This year I decided to take part in the UK Money Bloggers Xmas Campaign. I thought I could make this a yearly tradition with the kids too so they learn that Christmas is a time for giving not just receiving. I have decided to collect items during November so I can donate the box at the beginning of December. This will then be given out ready in time for Christmas.

I really like the idea of being able to help other families who are less fortunate. It’s not just at Christmas that people need extra help though, it’s all year round, so any donations at any time would be really appreciated by all food banks.

If you want to join me with this, all you need is an empty box. Then just add one item to the box each day throughout the month. You can also do it through December if you want to do it alongside the normal advent calendars. We can all do little things to help those who need it.

Trussell Trust food bank - reverse advent calendars

Where to find your local food bank

You can find your local food bank either by doing a Google search for the closest one to you. You can also visit the Trussell Trust website and find your nearest food bank there.

What to donate

Its mainly dried and tinned food that is needed for donations as these are all long life items that will last. You could also donate toiletries and baby products such as nappies and baby food. As it is for Christmas, I will probably put in some Christmassy goodies in too, such as mince pies or some chocolates. If you find your local food bank on the Trussell Trust website, they will tell you what they have short supplies of so you could try and get what is needed.

Trussell Trust food bank - reverse advent calendar

Let me know if decided to join me on this, tell your friends and even share photos of your box on social media using the hashtag #foodbankadvent

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