5 Mum Hacks

Being a busy mum to two toddlers is busy! Something is always happening. Even when they are both quiet I know they are up to something! I have come up with a few mum hacks to make life easier.

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I always try to make day to day chores easier. If it can be made easier, I will do it. Here a few hacks that I do in every day to day life.

  1. Hidden Veg

    My daughter will not touch any fruit or veg so I’ve had to get creative. I made some corned beef pasties and put loads of mixed veg in too, and she loved it! She enjoyed it so much that she didn’t even see any of the vegetables inside. Result. I will make sure we have these every week now. I made them in sausage roll shapes as it was easier but I have just found these to press the pastry in to pasty shapes.

  2. Baby Wipes

    Use them for everything! Just changed a dirty nappy? Wipes still out? Quickly wipe over all the surfaces and your dusting is done!

  3. Prepare the Night Before

    Do everything you can, when the kids are asleep the night before. Make the most of the peace and get organised for the next day. If we’re going out the following day, I will make sure the kids clothes are ready, bags are packed and lunches made if we’re out all day. This saves time in the morning when everything seems like a rush.

  4. Have a Weekly Planner

    To keep organised and to stay one step ahead, I like to write down everything that we have planned for the week. I have this planner on the fridge so can add to it whenever something pops up and won’t end up forgetting things.

  5. Batch Cooking

    This is a huge one for me. If I’m cooking from scratch then I always make a lot more than is actually needed. This way, I can freeze leftovers for another day. It saves having to cook another time and can just reheat the meals really quickly.

Hopefully these will help make day to day parenting a little bit easier and more organised. Let me know if you have any other tricks to make things run smoothly.

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