Money Making Mondays – Week 3

Welcome back to Money Making Mondays. Every Monday in August, I’m sharing with you a money making side hustle to try. This week is online surveys.

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We’re now in to week 3, how are you getting on with your money making? I’d love to hear from you.

Week 3

Online Surveys

This week I’ll be sharing my experience with online surveys. For me, this is such an easy side hustle. It isn’t a big earner but it does all add up if you stick with it. You can either earn money or Amazon vouchers.

There are lots of survey sites out there but my favourites are;

Prolific Academic. This site pays you in cash, I seem to get quite a few surveys from them. The good thing with Prolific Academic is they send you surveys that you already qualify for so you won’t get kicked out half way through. They also tell you how long each one will take and the hourly rate it equates to. I tend to stick to the higher paying ones as its more worthwhile.

Valued Opinions. This survey site pays you in vouchers, you can choose from a variety of stores including Argos, Sainsburys and Amazon. The surveys here aren’t as high paying as Prolific Academic but they don’t take long to complete and the amounts soon add up.

These are the main two sites I use, there are so many around that you can also try, some others are;

Online surveys is such an easy side hustle, you can fit them in whenever you have a spare few minutes. Whether its with your morning cuppa or putting your feet up in the evening watching TV, you can quickly answer a few questions and earn yourself some money.

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