Meal Ideas for a 1 year old

I started weaning my daughter at 5-6 months old. She would have weetabix for breakfast which she absolutely loved and still does now at 2 years old! At lunch times, I normally gave her finger foods, I wanted to give her more of a variation so I put together a few lunch ideas so she had a mixture of lunches rather than the same each day. Dinner times she usually had a jar of baby food, which was good whilst she was getting used to new textures but now she is eating really well I wanted to start giving her proper food for dinner too. I struggled to think of tasty ideas to start off with I but eventually came up with her own little menu and thought I would share to help any other parents out there trying to think of different meal ideas.

meal ideas one yr old

Here are some of the lunch ideas I came up:

1. 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, 1/2 cheese string, 2 strawberries

2. 1 slice of toast with butter, cream cheese triangle, 2 grapes chopped up

3. Cheese and crackers – 1-2 crackers with grated cheese, lemon and raisin pancake, 1/2 a banana

4. 5-6 pieces of cooked pasta, 1 piece of garlic bread

5. 1/2 marmite sandwich, 2-3 mini breadsticks, 2 strawberries

6. 1 slice of buttered bread, 1/2 clementine, 1 Babybel cheese

7. 1/4 pitta bread,2-3 tbsp grated cheese, 1/2 peach,

That’s your lunches sorted for a week.

Now here are a few dinner ideas on the menu:

1. 1-2 Fish fingers, 2 potato wedges, 2-3 tsp spaghetti hoops

2. 1 slice of chicken, 1-2 roast potatoes, 1-2 tsp chopped carrots

3. Homemade spaghetti bolognese – I always used to use the jars as it was quick, easy and tasty! But now I make it from scratch as the jars will have too much salt and sugar in for littluns. Making it from scratch is actually really easy and probably a lot healthier for us too 🙂

4. 1 scrambled egg, 2-3 tsp mashed potato, 2-3 tsp peas

5. 1/2 burger, 2-3 sweet potato chips, 2-3 tsp baked beans – I’ve also made homemade burgers, just so I know whats in them, I make a batch of them and then freeze and cook when I need them

6. Homemade chilli, rice, peas – I make the chilli very mild so it’s suitable for a toddler

7. 2 cocktail sausages, 1/4 wrap, 2-3 tsp spaghetti hoops

For dessert you can’t go wrong with a fromage frais, I also add chopped strawberries in to the yogurt to up her fruit intake.

These ideas will keep you going for a week, if you have any other tasty meal suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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meal ideas for a one year old

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  1. Janine
    August 20, 2016 at 7:47 pm (2 years ago)

    I will save this because I always struggle with ideas.

    • admin
      August 20, 2016 at 9:07 pm (2 years ago)

      It can be hard thinking of a variety of meals for toddlers! 🙂


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