10 Easy Things to Declutter Now – And Make Money at the Same Time

I’ve been challenging myself for the last couple of weeks to make an extra £500 to go towards redecorating my house. I haven’t given myself a time frame but the quicker I reach the target the better.

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I have tried various side hustles to reach my goal including matched betting LINK, mystery shopping and online surveys. Another way I have made extra cash is by selling things I no longer need or use at home anymore. I have had a good sort out and sold a lot of things on local Facebook selling pages and at a bootsale I did recently. Sometimes I feel like I am always decluttering something!

If you are looking to make a bit of extra cash and sort out your home at the same time, here a 10 easy things you can sell right now.

1. DVDs

How many of us actually watch DVDs anymore? Most people have Netflix or Amazon Prime nowadays. We don’t even own a DVD player! I only had a few DVD’s left lying around but I still managed to get a few pounds for all of them.

2. Books

Unless you’re going to read books more than once, there is no point keeping them. Most books I read and then get rid of. I rarely keep hold of books as they just take up space. I have read a few books already this year and decided to list them on Facebook as a bundle.

3. Clothes

With two small kids, who both seem to be having growth spurts at the moment, they seem to be outgrowing a lot of their clothes. Kids clothes are a good thing to sell as they are normally still in good condition. Especially younger kids clothes, they grow out of clothes quicker than they wear them out. A lot of people like to buy second hand clothes too so always lots of buyers willing to part with their cash.

4. Kids toys

My son has recently turned two and before birthdays and Christmas I always go through all the toys and get rid of any that are no longer played with. This also makes space for any news toys they get for their birthdays.

5. Garden furniture

Now is the perfect time to sell garden furniture. The sun is shining, summer is here and people want to spend more time in the garden. If you have any old table or chairs you don’t use anymore, get them listed for sale and they will probably be snapped up.

6. Kitchen gadgets

We all fall in to the trap of buying the latest “fad” when it comes to kitchen gadgets. The latest coffee machine, or a blender of some sort. But how many do we actually use regularly? If you’re not using it, sell it. Chances are, its probably still in good condition if you hardly use it.

7. Ornaments

I just think these are just dust collectors. I don’t have these out on show as the kids would just move them around all the time. But I did find two old ornaments from years ago, they were in near perfect condition so I listed them on eBay and they sold within a week which was a bonus.

8. Toiletries

Who else is guilty of having way too many shower gels, body creams and bubble baths in the bathroom cupboard. I’ve had a few things stored away for so long now and I don’t think I will ever use them. I sorted through them all and managed to sell a few at the boot sale I did.

9. Bedding

I’ve always had more quilts then I actually need. I’ve now got rid of any spares and kept just two sets of quilts. That is all I need, when one is on the bed, the other will be in the wash. I have kept spare sheets for the kids especially as I still have to potty train my son so will no doubt be changing the bed a lot more than normal!

10. Shoes

I’m quite simple when it comes to shoes, boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer! With a couple of pairs for going out and trainers. Any others that have been laying around, I haven’t worn for ages so I sold them all.

Just think, if you sort through all of these categories, your home will be a lot clearer and you will have enough items to sell and make a few extra pounds.

I’m taking part in the Monday Money linky with Lynn from Mrs Mummy PennyFaith from Much More With Less and Emma from EmmaDrew.Info

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2 Comments on 10 Easy Things to Declutter Now – And Make Money at the Same Time

  1. Emma Drew
    June 21, 2018 at 7:49 pm (1 year ago)

    Great idea about having a good declutter and selling at the same time. What’s the point in keeping stuff if you don’t use it?! Sell it and make money! Thanks for linking up to #MondayMoney. Hope to see you again next week.


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