Packing for Disney – What’s in my bag

We’re off to Disneyland Paris next week. I can’t wait to take the kids away for a week and I just know they will love Disney. My daughter is the perfect age and is a big fan of everything Disney, especially all the princesses. Travelling with two young kids, ages 2 and 3, I need to be prepared and be able to entertain them on the journey.

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Make Money With Oh My Dosh – Tried and Tested

A couple of months back, I heard a lot about a new website called Oh My Dosh. The best way to explain this site is similar to that of a cashback site, but rather than making online purchases, you sign up to free trials of products and websites and receive cashback in return for this.

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How I Plan to Make an Extra £500

I have been thinking a lot lately about redecorating my house. It has been about 7 years since it was last done and its starting to look like it needs a freshen up. Rather than just think, it will be too expensive and I can’t afford it, I decided to find ways to be able to afford it and make an extra £500.

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Reading with Kids – What We’ve Enjoyed this Week

Both my kids love reading and they always have. I want to keep this love of books and make sure we do lots of reading together. They have so many books, I’ve recently had a sort out and got rid of some of the books that are a bit too young for them now and replaced with a few new ones.

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